These designs are completed using a single “color” of floss, but a wonderful effect can be achieved using a multi-hued (rainbow) floss. Carrie’s Creations collection has dozens of perfect choices! The multi-colors emphasize the woven look of the ribbon paths.

Finished Needlebook

The complimentary patterns for September and October 2006 are designed to work together. They are both square Celtic knots of the same size with some topographical similarities.

September’s and October’s knots can be combined to make a little Needlecase project.  The photo to the left shows the September side facing you. Directions are given below on how to make one. I also have compiled some tips on working with overdyed floss on patterns like this.

Step 1:  Complete the stitching. I worked it in Carrie’s Thread “Tropical Rainstorm” on 18 ct black Aida. For some odd reason, I started this using 2 strands of floss, which really wasn’t necessary for this count.  It’s going to take just over one 8 yard skein.  You’ll need two skeins unless you use 1 strand. I left 8 stitches between the square motifs, where the “book” will be folded. Press/steam with an iron to remove any wrinkles or hoop marks.

Step 1
Step 2

Step 2: Trim fabric to about 1 inch beyond stitching, then fold edges toward the back 2 aida squares beyond the stitching on each side.  Use pins to hold the edges down.

Step 3: If you can mitre the corners, they will have a more finished look.  See above photo and right photo to see how a mitred corner is squished into submission.

Step 3
Step 4

Step 4: Cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than the finished front.  I rounded the corners just a bit.  Gather up a pretty bead or button and a few lengths of 1/4 ribbon.  The closure can be improvised many clever ways, including sewing a fabric “snap” or magnetic snap in place. Whip stitch the felt onto the stitching, hiding the back of the stitching (we will NOT be turning this inside out.)

Step 5: As you sew in the felt, don’t forget to add the closure parts. The hardest part of this project was getting the ribbon through the bead.  Tying an overhand knot in the ribbon will help keep the bead from being pulled out.  Tack the closure components in securely - they will be the parts of the needlecase that see the most wear and tear.

Step 5
Step 6

Step 6: You’re ready to add a few pages to your book.  I took a pair of pinking shears to felt squares. For fancier edges you can use scrapbooking decorative scissors.  I secured my pages by sewing one side of each square to the blue felt using a decorative stitch. 

Now repeat these steps because

  • you just realized this is a perfect Christmas gift for your stitching friend.
  • You are dying to see what some of the other floss colors will look like.
  • You want a needlecase for each of your sewing areas.







Half and Half

Click here for the charts - they’re all on the same printable page now.

Individually, each knot is 47 by 47 stitches without the border, 55 by 55 with it. You can stitch them individually or stitch them side by side with a single border looping around both of them. You can also mix them together (alternating triangles) to get a new, fancier knot (Half and Half).