Not just for Christmas, little ornaments make a wonderful way to finish up small stitching projects.  Hang them from cupboard doors, door knobs, your desk - anywhere you can use a splash of color or style.

This page has SEVERAL photos, so be patient while they download.

Square or Rectangular Design

Ink Circles Garden Stars and Sea Stars samplers are loaded with good ornament sized motifs.  Several of my complimentary Celtic knot designs would work great also.  The design to the right is from I Sill Do.

Step 1: Stitch a motif. This finish works great for designs that are square or rectangular when you hold the chart in it’s normal orientation.  These squares can be hung from one point nicely, to look like a diamond, but this is NOT the best plan for diamond designs (relative to the chart). Read all the directions before you start.


A Square Ornament

Step 2: Count out the same number of threads from each edge of the design and finger press a crease. This margin should be the same on all sides. Six threads is a good number for a small design.


See Diamond Ornament finishing page for pictures of creasing and mitring the corners (Steps 1-4).  It is the same technique.

Step 3: Mitre the corners.  I’ve tried to show a few photos of how the corner is squashed into shape. It is not really hard and makes for such a nice finish. Pin things so they stay where you put them.


Step 5

Step 4: Trim the excess fabric to ~0.5” beyond the fold.

Step 5: Pin the finished design onto a piece of wool felt that is 1/2 in bigger or more in each direction.  Using sewing thread that matches the felt color, take small stitches along the perimeter to attach the linen to the felt.  Do the top last, because...

Step 6: Insert a length of ribbon as shown below to hang the ornament squarely, or in one corner to hang diamond-wise.  Tie an overhand knot near the end of the ribbon and tuck this inside and take a few extra stitches right there to help keep the ribbon from pulling out.

Ok... I know that this is NOT an Ink Circles design, nor really a Christmas ornament, but it shows the flexibility in finishing things this way.  My daughter stitched this up and wants to hang it on her dresser.  I can’t remember where the design came from, but if someone reminds me I will give proper credit.



Step 7: Using pinking shears or craft scissors to cut a decorative edge on the felt.  Be careful not to clip the ribbon that you so carefully inserted!

Step 6
A Crop of Ornies So here you have some finished items!  So, the next time you have a tiny pattern you are itching to stitch or you want to test out a thread/background fabric combination, think ornament. Then, don’t let them sit around in the drawer forever.  Ornaments are super inexpensive to make and a wonderful little gift to give!