by Fran in Ontario
Fran in Ontario stitched Peregrinations in a completely new colorway. Looks super!

by Joslyn

Joslyn took her inspiration from Nine Lives to create this crocheted baby blanket. What a perfect gift and a blessing for a newborn!

by Missie also by Missie

Missie picked out not one, but TWO entirely different set of colors to use in her Blackstone Fantasy Garden.

Amazing. So beautiful!


by Cheryl Cheryl completed Growth Rings in Carrie's Threads. Love that pink/melon combo with chocolate, yeah!
This Heart of Mine by Lori Another finish by Lori! This Heart of Mine was stitched on 32ct. Waterlily Jobelan using Dinky Dyes Kalamunda Silk Floss (#101). What a delicate combination.
Quackworth by Lori
Lori stitched this Quackworth on 40 count Newcastle Linen hand-dyed by Silkweavers to "Sapphire Sky". The Carrie's Thread color Epiphany matches beautifully!
My other Garden by Kathleen B Kathleen B came up with this cute finishing idea for her "My Other Garden." It's a nice alternative (and cheaper) than another frame.
Anatolia by Somayya Somayya used Cherry Red fabric for her Anatolia. She had to adjust colors slightly because of the background color being darker, but the essence of the Turkish Carpet is captured superbly.
Croakworth by Waya Waya finished Croakworth on 40 count linen using Carrie's Threads Cajun Coffee and Dusty Purple and Week's Ivy.
by Inge Inge in Holland used DMC 103. Not a big octopus fan, she used the letters from I Still Do to fill the gap. What a clever adaptation!
by Vickie Vickie in China stitched up a serving of Corn and Beans. She used rayon threads that were available locally and did a fine job of matching up colors that worked well.
Sea Stars in HDF by Peg Peg used Vikki Clayton's Hand Dyed Fibers to make this fabulous version of Sea Stars. Thanks for sharing, Peg!
Sally's Sea Stars Sally stitched her Sea Stars using DMC Variations. What a beautiful arrangement of colors. Why not pick your favorite colors and see your sea come to life?
JCS ornie by Claudia

Claudia stitched the Ink Circles ornament from the Just CrossStitch 2008 Ornament issue. She knew she was stitching on high count fabric (over 2), but about fell out of her chair when she measured the finished ornament and learned it was 60+ count.

This micro-masterpiece is just beautiful!

(Jeepers, Creepers - I need to grab my Peepers.)

Christine's other garden Christine used the top and bottom sections of My Other Garden to make this special personalized version for her granddaughter.
Carolyn's version Carolyn stitched her Hawaiian Mandala sampler on 28 ct white Monaco using a mix of HDF silks and CC floss.
Quackworth by JuliaThere is just something wonderful about those Vikki Clayton Silks. Julia chose HDF Bitterness on 32 count cream Belfast linen. Quackworth by KarenKaren stitched up Quackworth with 32ct Haystack from Countrystitch using Vikki Clayton's HDF Primordial Ooze and Umbrage.
BFG by May May's version of Blackstone Fantasy Garden uses several shades of Vikki Clayton's reds and blacks for a very elegant look. Just beatiful!
AR by Heather Alchemical Romance completed by Heather of Winnipeg.  She use petite treasure braid #035 on the symbols representing “gold” and black DMC on the rest. The amazing linen comes from Stab & Stash and has a perfect look of old parchment.
Hanky Pysanky by Janet O So, this is Hanky Pysanky done up in the brighter colorway. Janet O. did a fabulous job using DMC broder 12 on 28 count Lugana.
Teri's OG Teri Diaz stitched up Octopus's Garden on fabric that she dyed herself. Teri runs an on-line cross stitch shop. You can find more info about her fabrics and order them here:

Look under Sunny*Dyes

by Jan

Jan completed the Hawaiian Mandala Sampler on Cameo Peach linen by Dying4U using Carrie’s Threads. Just Beautiful!

Nita's Quackworth

Nita stitched Quackworth using an LE thread of Carrie’s Creation on 40 count Picture This Plus “Heritage” fabric. Beautiful!

Rosanne's Tanglewood

Rosanne’s Tanglewood from the September issue of Just Cross Stitch.

Jan's THOM

Jan put to use those Carrie’s Thread Limited Edition Threads that I have been known to tuck into order packages. Linen is 34 count Weddigen over 2 threads. Beautiful, Jan!

Denise's THOM

Denise from Australia found some fun colors in her stash pile to complete THOM. What a great combination!

Lauren's THOM

This Heart of Mine stitched by Lauren at Sassy’s Fabrics using Vikki Clayton’s premium OMG Red 1151 silk on 28 ct tan marble cashel linen from Sassy’s Fabrics (of course).

Claire's THOM

Claire completed This Heart of Mine using Carrie’s Dried Sage on Antique White evenweave.

Debbie's THOM

Debbie Draper’s This Heart of Mine, stitched with Carrie’s Flamingo (a limited edition color) on 40 count white linen.

Nita's BiscornuOther side

Nita was quick to figure out that the
Hawaiian Mandala Sampler motifs are perfect for bicornu!

Alchemical Romance by Rosanne

Rosanne used a combination of Carrie’s Threads (Amethyst. Lavender, Cocoa, Ruby, Blue Dreams and Lagoon Green) and PTB for this version of Alchemical Romance

Second Chances

Second Chances in Carrie’s purples stitched by Rosanne.

Mel's Dogwood

Mel stitched up Dogwood Square using the Carrie’s thread conversion.  It really added some lovely depth to the colors.  Nice job!

Rosanne's Garden Stars

Rosanne’s Garden Stars done in Carrie’s Thread (with a little red thrown in on the strawberry).

AR by Rosanne

Jayne’s Attic’s customers in the UK will get to see this one when it is all framed up.  Rosanne stitched this shop model with two flavors of Carrie’s Threads (Limited Editions) on an SMF Pixie Dust fabric.

Cheryl's Sea Stars

Cheryl Stitched this Sea Stars on opalescent fabric with a rainbow of Carrie’s Threads.

Mandy stitched a winner

Mandy Town stitch Kaleidoscope as a shop model for her store Stitching Obsession in Kings Langley, New South Wales.  It took first prize in a local show! Great job, Mandy!