Not just for Christmas, little ornaments make a wonderful way to finish up small stitching projects.  Hang them from cupboard doors, door knobs, your desk - anywhere you can use a splash of color or style.

This page has SEVERAL photos, so be patient while they download.

Self-backing Diamond Finish Diamond Ornaments

(The four corners fold backwards to make the back of the ornament!  Corners come out neat and crisp.)

Step 1: Stitch a motif. This finish works great for designs that are diamond shaped when you hold the chart in it’s normal orientation.  This is NOT the best plan for square designs (relative to the chart) that you plan to hang from one point. Read all the directions before you start, especially if you have a design that needs to be rightside up.

Step 2

Step 2: Count out the same number of threads from each edge of the design and finger press a crease. If your design has perfectly diagonal edges, about 10 threads is a good distance. I used 24 threads for this ornament because it was more roundish than diagonal on the sides.

Step 3: Mitre the corners.  I’ve tried to show a few photos of how the corner is squashed into shape. It is not really hard and makes for such a nice finish. Pin things so they stay where you put them.

Step 4: Trim the excess fabric to ~0.5” beyond the fold.

Step 5

Step 5: (Don’t let me lose you because I switched to a gold colored ornie.) With the right side down, fold two adjacent corners toward the back and use a mattress stitch to seam them up. Start at the corner tips and work toward the point. It will look like the photo below when you finish the seam.

Step 6Step 6: Repeat step 5 for the opposite two corners

Step 7: Before you finish the last two seams,, have a length of ribbon handy for a hanging loop and for a bottom dangly bit. (Nothing says you can’t have side danglies too!).  An overhand knot in the ribbons helps keep your bits from slipping out, as does taking a few extra stitches in the corners to secure things.  Slip in a small puff of fiberfill (or whatever: lucky charm, potpouri, smelly tea bag - I won’t tell!) before you seal it up.