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New for September. Contact your favorite shop.

Forest Flower by Ink CirclesForest Flower

Stitch in five gorgeous shades of Gentle Arts Threads as shown, or as a monochrome. This design is 115 stitches square. Colors to pick up: Wood Smoke, Aged Pewter, Bayberry, Brethren Blue, and Wood Trail.

This was stitched on Picture This Plus "Tycho" colored 36 count linen using 1 strand. Good news: You'll only need one skein of each color even if you use 2 strands over 28/14 count.

SRP is $10.

Arranging for Orchestra by Ink CirclesArranging for Orchestra

Stitch in lovely warm shades of Gentle Arts Threads: Dark Chocolate (2 skeins), Cinnamon, Grecian Gold, Linen, Woodrose, and Fragrant Cloves This design is 87 x 57, as are all in this series. 

Shown on Weeks Dye Works "Angel Hair" colored 30 count linen, which conveniently finishes up into a 5 x 7" ready-made frame. 

SRP is $6.


New for August. Contact your favorite shop.

Dreidel, Dreidel by Ink CirclesDreidel, Dreidel

Here is a kaleidoscopic take on various Hanukkah motifs and symbols of the Jewish faith.

This design is mostly 115 stitches square - the central candles in the menorah are three stitches taller.

Shown in Classic Colorworks Blue Lagoon Silk (you'll need 3 skeins) on 30 count "Linen" linen from Weeks Dye Works.


Arranging Vegetables by Ink CirclesArranging Vegetables

Introducing the first in a fun new series of like things arranged neatly.

This design is 87 by 57 stitches, which fits neatly into a ready-made 5 x 7" frame when stitched on 30 count linen.

Shown in Gentle Arts Threads on Weeks Dye Works 30 count "Putty" linen.

I've got a number of arrangements planned, but drop me a note to say what you'd like to see.


And from July (that shop thing again ;-):

Reflections of New York CityReflections of New York City

The Ink Circles Reflections tour is finally making it to the United States! If you believe that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn she'd like to sell you... along with the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and a host of other Big Apple icons. Stitched in earthy apple colors of a variegated silk, it would be just as at home in black on sparkly white. This design is 115 stitches square.


Reflections of ScotlandReflections of Scotland

Ink Circles brings you another new destination in the popular Reflections series. A tartan fence holds a flock of sheep and their hard-working border collie. You'll find castles and dragons, bagpipes and broadswords, thistles and more packed into the surrounding symmetrical mandala. Even Nessie makes a special appearance. This design is 115 stitches square.



From earlier this year (now in the webshop):


This is one of the new crop of designs that was released at the Nashville Needlework Market in early March. Tapestry is stitched on Weeks 30 count linen with 13 shades of Gentle Art Threads. It is 199 stitches square and will have a SRP of $18.


Oscar's CorsageOscar's Corsage

Uses four colors of Week's Dye Works, one of which is "Oscar," from which this pattern takes its name. It is 89 stitches square and is shown stitched on Weeks Dye Works 30 count linen in Cornsilk. Oscar's Corsage works equally well as a monochromatic piece.


Mid Century Gardens 3

Mid Century Gardens 3

All three Mid Century Gardensis a collaboration I did with two other designers. We each made a square with a common palette of three colors.The other two companion blocks are available from Summer House Stitche Workes and Hands On Design, via your favorite shop or distributor.


Flower PowerFlower Power

Shown stitched on Weeks Dye Works ginham linen with Gentle Arts "Piney Woods" thread. It is 115 stitches square and SRP is $10.

Peace of ArtNot cross stitch, but something you may enjoy -

a coloring book for grown-ups.Use colored pencils, gel pens, or markers to create your mandala masterpieces.This spiral-bound book is available now in my shop (click the pic) or can be orderedSample page colored in with pencils.

Mandala painting - click to go to my painting/drawing siteWelcome to the Ink Circles cross stitch web site. See my painted mandalas and inked drawings at