Complementary charts and tutorials.

The latest freebies have been taking form in a series called "Ink Spots." They are distributed in different ways, and not all of them are directly downloadable here. Some come with paid orders, some through's a bit of a scavenger hunt.

Little Alien Schoolgirl: Futurama Full Alphabet

Ink Spot #9 - Valentine's 2010

Ink Spot #7 - Four in the Bush

Ink Spot #3 - Lobster Bouquet (2009)


2008: Book of Ink Circles (BoInk)September 06

2007 Complementary charts (no, not 2,007 of them)

2006 Complementary charts


August 2006 Complementary Chart

Conversion notes for the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Mandala, shown above:

To use this chart for other awareness ribbon colors, substitute

Sassy - The middle shade of your ribbon color
Raspberry - The darkest of your ribbon colors
Purple Pansy – This is the variegated color that makes the lacy background
Strawberry Shake – The lightest shade of your ribbon color


Sorry, sometimes it happens. Sometimes it is my fault; sometimes a transcriber at a magazine. In all cases, the new printings of the charts I sell have been corrected, but it's still possible to get your hands on the older copies.

The Birds and the Bees: The first charts out the door said the fabric was "Antique" by Picture this Plus. There is no such thing! It should be "Ancient."

Tanglewood: a few minor errors in the magazine version. Corrections here.

Growth Rings: a handful of errors in the mag version. See this page.

99: three bottles had a few missing symbols for white stitches. They were 3A, 3G, and 4D. Also the list of brands that corresponded to the bottles had a few items mismatched. The corrected bottle ID list is on the Project 99 page.

Cirque des Cercles: There are two extra stitches in the lower right hand corner of page 1 (and in the corresponding overlap area on page 2):

Two extra stitches on CdC


Sea Stars for Carries Threads. The list is here.

Garden Stars for Carries Threads. The list is here.

DMC for Anatolia. The list is here.

The latest list of color combos for the Roll Your Own Project is here.